North Carolina Wreck Diving

August 20 to 22, 2021

The Atlantic Ocean off Morehead City offers some of the best warm water wreck diving in America. What makes this trip unique?

We will be diving with Discovery Diving in Beaufort, NC, one of the longest running dive operations in the area. If the dive conditions are good, there are few places in the world as amazing as some of these wrecks. Join us for an unforgettable adventure. Sign up today to reserve your spot. Participants must make arrangements for their own accommodations. The Brass Anchor would like to recommend the Fishermen’s Inn in Atlantic beach as an ideal place to stay for the duration of this trip.

  • If conditions are good, witness history firsthand; dive a World War II German U-Boat that was sunk by a U.S. Coast Guard vessel during the 1940s.
  • We will be allowing some extended bottom times for rebreathers and decompression-trained divers. Please consult The Brass Anchor if this is the type of diving you plan on doing this trip.
  • Sand tiger sharks are found on most wrecks in this area.
  • Loggerheads, spadefish, toadfish and barracuda have been seen frequently on dives.
  • Three days of diving; 2 offshore wreck dives per day.